Meet Me

Hi, I’m Maria Parrotta.

I’m a writer in Washington, DC with one big problem…

I can’t stop thinking about

Many pursue a pharmacy degree for job security and a rewarding career. I’m doing it because I’m downright pumped at the idea of talking about chemicals all day. Without the strange looks from my lunch time customers, that is.

I was always the weird kid in class who built bottle rockets and idolized Niels Bohr. As a politically active teenager working on grassroots campaigns and labor organizing, I found my voice for justice. My years of undergraduate journalism school were spent learning how, when, why, and where to talk. Often in Russian, and briefly in Russia.

As a wide-eyed immigrant from liberal arts land, I see how often the science world doesn’t give a flying phenethylamine about effective public discourse. Information is inaccessible or uninspired, and the public forever labels the subject as boring. They leave it to the experts. And a lot of experts have no idea what they’re doing.

My mission is to inspire people who don’t give a second thought to what is on their prescription label to question stale, one-size-fits-all medical treatments, learn how their body works, and take control of their own health. The health care industry can be a circus of shady performers protecting the illusion of pills as tiny magic tricks, as they pocket every coin they somehow found behind your ear. I’m obsessed with learning the truth about drugs and eventually developing more beneficial solutions. But that takes a long time, so I’ll blog about science and slip in some bad puns while I’m waiting.

So, how many pharmaceuticals are in your home right now? If you answered with a number, join me in my quest to domesticate these tightly compacted and wildly marketed chemical beasts. Besides, we’re bigger, and we have teeth.

Share your stories and ideas with me on Twitter @ComradeInPharms or Tumblr.

2 Responses to Meet Me

  1. Mike Banerd says:

    You write with a ridiculous amount of character. Not an easy thing to do… Certainly not in science anyway.

  2. Science is a harsh mistress, but she always resides in my heart. I hear AstraZeneca has a solution for that now.

    Nerd on, my friend.

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