Top 5 Search Terms That Brought You Here

Search engines have made it far too easy for that kid who never stops asking questions (like me) to indulge in every fleeting curiosity that drove teachers nuts.  With search engine stats on WordPress, you can see all the random thoughts that Google somehow thought you were the perfect authority on.  In the interest of SEO and all that good stuff from journalism school, I dug deep into my readers’ brains.  The results were so awesome that I wrote a list of the best search terms that led my visitors here in my notebook of lists (yes I have one of those).  I give you the five best so far.

1. “sorry for nomming your face bath salts”
Occasionally, my mundane tasks will be interrupted by an unprovoked giggle.  The reason is often a sudden thought reminding me of this phrase.

2. “bill nye goggles”
Write three words describing yourself.  Done.

3. “pharmcore band”
Who are you?  Is it true that pharmcore is catching on?  Do you want to join?  Please join.  My one true mission is making this a thing.

The next great hand-symbol-based hardcore movement in DC

4. “stalin methcathinone”
And now the band has a name.

5. “infinite pestle point instincts universe”
I have positively no idea what this means or why search engines think I do, but go on with your bad self, dear reader, follow your (possibly Ambien induced) dreams.

Thank you all, whoever you may be, for being weird enough to be interesting, because the world needs more crazy people like you. Keep searching, keep learning, and of course, stay pharmcore.


About Maria Parrotta

Maria Parrotta is a writer, student, and daring pharmacovigilante on a mission to be an approachable source of honest, relevant information about drugs, healthcare, science, and technology. She is often found teaching impromptu chemistry lessons at social gatherings, building her fleet of tiny motorized robots, or recruiting members for her new "pharmcore" band. She sleeps in lab goggles and dreams of nothing but science.
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